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Revenue Consulting (Pty) Ltd. is a professional, innovative group that is well positioned in the debt recovery industry and is well represented in the credit control and collections market. We offer a wealth of debt management and debt collection experience across various industries in addition to leading edge revenue enhancement processes and technology.


The incumbent is expected to actively engage in the collection of all outstanding debts comprising key accounts, that are due and payable, through confidently engaging and leading collection activities against listed multi- national companies, commercial enterprises, trusts, churches and domestic consumers for the recovery of debts.


The roles and responsibilities of this position, will entail inter alia initiating collection activities directly, setting up and convening meetings with debtors at their place of operations, and  assuming full operational responsibility and accountability for the work outcomes of a small collections team, directing work instructions,  monitoring, evaluating and reporting of all collection activities and performance of outcomes at team level, individual level and at an account level, ensuring all actions initiated and outcomes pursuant thereof, comply fully with all terms and conditions imposed in terms of all approved SLA’s, and Revco approved workflows and standard operating procedures.


The position will additionally assume responsibility and accountability for the recommendation of actions on the finalisation of accounts, and facilitate comprehensive daily, weekly and monthly performance reporting to internal stakeholders.

Duties & Responsibilities


Minimum Specific duties


Operational Leadership:

  • Take overall responsibility and accountability for the operational and financial performance of the key accounts portfolio based in GP;
  • Develop in conjunction with collections manager protocols and routines for the timeous identification and allocation of matters into key accounts portfolio; it is incumbent on the process controller to proactive identify and enforce the allocation of matters to ensure optimal functioning of the team collection performance;
  • Ensure full compliance with client imposed SLA operational requirements, and Key performance indicators, specifically as relates to yield performance, operating parameters, collections protocols, and action escalation protocols;
  • Implement approved key collection strategies, where required make recommendations to management team
  • Report on key performance indicators to measure and monitor Revco performance on the key accounts collections portfolio;
  • Manage the accurate and timely reporting to operations manager, COO and Exco on daily activities and outcomes in strict compliance with Revco approved reporting formats;
  • Contribute to the development of sustainable solutions to Revco’s operating market, including the development and implementation of high level workflow and instruction manuals covering areas of specialisation and responsibilities.
  • Take responsibility for the development and implementation of internal training, development and mentorship programmes associated with all employees under leadership control, including the development of personal development plans.


Financial and Performance Management

  • Assume full accountability and operational responsibility for achieving revenue targets as per the approved revenue budget as relates to key accounts assigned;
  • Performance manage all employees under operational control ensuring compliance with Job Descriptions and performance management policy of Revco, ensuring full compliance with HR policies and practices;
  • Implement key performance indicators to measure and monitor Revco performance –portfolio level and individual level, ensuring that minimum yields per portfolio is actively achieved monthly on total handed over value;
  • Manage human capital resourcing requirements in strict compliance with approved organogram;
  • Performance manage all employees ensuring corrective management of performance deviations. All performance deviations are to be strictly managed and controlled in accordance with performance management policies and guidelines issued by Revco, as contained within the Performance Management Policy;


Operational Management


Compliance, monitoring and evaluation


  • Assume full operational responsibility and accountability for the monitoring, evaluation and reporting of all collection activities and account outcomes of the team comprising key account management, ensuring all actions initiated and outcomes pursuant thereof, comply fully with all terms and conditions imposed in terms of all approved SLA’s, and Revco approved workflows and standard operating procedures, specific emphasis is placed inter alia on the following KPI’s;

High balance transactions and key accounts- Public Sector


  • Attend to work allocation and scheduling of all instructions assigned to key accounts portfolio, ensuring even distribution of work amongst all team members;
  • Initiate collection actions for the recovery of all debts through securing full and final settlement of debt obligations, or entering into legally validate and binding written agreements on the repayment of debts in instalments that comply with SLA and client requirements;
  • Facilitate and attend to site meetings with debtors to enforce demands, and secure settlement of all debt obligations;
  • Review all actions and statuses of accounts ensuring that all actions initiated have been actioned expeditiously by all team members and in strict compliance with SLA requirements, and that all pre-legal actions and actions supporting credit control and legal action (commencement of summons actions) have been properly initiated; it is specifically recorded that a final decision to proceed with legal action must be taken within 30 days of account being handed over, and after proper consideration that all available actions have been executed appropriately;


  • Monitor, review and control all wrap up code selections by consultants on a daily basis ensuring the correct action status have been selected. The selection of wrap up codes and subsequent follow up actions must be strictly controlled in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedure; facilitate the update of file status and sub status in line with campaign outcomes;


  • It is specifically recorded that the collections controller is responsible to ensure that all special queue instructions are strictly controlled ito processes, and that all decisions and action required  to be taken are activated timeously; 


  • The collections controller is responsible to identify and approve all exclusions on assigned matters to ensure that all non- collectable matters are identified timeously and excluded from work allocations and campaigns; all matters identified as No Further Action(NFA) must be packaged by type, correctly updated within Excalibur and submitted to all clients for review and write down from Revco’s active queues, through the collections manager and CLO.


  • Collections controller responsible for key accounts must provide satisfactory evidence and daily reports to the collection’s operations manager, defining that the following has been executed as relates to every account assigned:
    • All source data essential to the enforcement of a claim is existing and has been validated and traced fully;
    • Statement of account has been obtained and that all communications pursuant of the collection effort has had the statement of account attached to all formal communications;
    • That the liability has been assessed for prescription, and the liability has been properly reconciled;
    • That all debts that are not enforceable/ collectable or are specific exclusions as per the SLA have been identified, have been updated correctly within Excalibur and reported to the clients for close out, and removal from Revco collection queues;
    • That all debtors have had section 129 demands properly served to the registered domicile within 48 hours of account being assigned;
    •  That all metered supplied properties have had pre-termination notices served at the registered site where services are supplied;
    • That settlements and fixed arrangements constituted comply fully with SLA requirements, and that payment extension/ deferments and arrangements outside of protocol are strictly approved by the collection controller, and are supported by mandatory documentation;
    • That all instructions requiring the termination of services to site are communicated to the collection’s manager and CLO for onward submission to all clients for prioritisation and actioning;
    • That all matters/ account assigned are worked diligently, and in full compliance with Revco standard operating procedures for key accounts;
    • That all matters where pre legal actions have been fully exhausted, and now requiring post legal actions to commence, that a due diligence review has been successfully completed and findings communicated to the collections manager to attend to the close out the matter from key accounts and assign to Legal Department.



Connectivity to system

  • Monitor and control access to all operating platforms to facilitate the seamless functioning of the key accounts team; Ensure that consultants are able to connect to the necessary systems and that these systems are working in accordance with parameters defined. (i.e. Excalibur, client systems, CBP trace, Windeed, Google etc.). In instances that systems are offline/production is interrupted, implement immediate steps as per the escalation protocol to ensure that the operational status of the team is restored in the soonest possible time.



Organisational Performance Reporting


  • Prepare a weekly feedback based vintage report, consolidating feedback on outcomes achieved/actioned per KPI identified; denote compliance with instructions together with commentary to COO and Exco on matters not actioned, reasons and matters requiring additional actions;


  • Prepare a monthly consolidated statistics report on all actions initiated at Public Sector level -campaign actions planned, campaigns activated by channel, actions successfully executed, actions failed by type, and outcomes of actions- no of new activations, reactivations, broken, drop off and total receipts;


  • Prepare a consolidated No Further Action Report (NFA) denoting all accounts that have prescribed, are considered non collectable, cannot be pursued further due to legalities, lack of critical information, or are uneconomical, including commentary on status of close out of items;


  • Prepare qualitative internal client KPI based report and circulate to COO and Exco together with commentary on actual performance, trends, emergent risks, weaknesses, limitations that exist, and key focal areas from a collections perspective that can be pursued to address underlying collection performance weakness or to exploit opportunities.



Operational Management and Support


  • Work closely with Revco’s cross functional teams to ensure efficient, effective and economical execution of special collection projects;


  • As a member of the Revco management team, the incumbent will be required to closely interact with the Chief Operating Officer, Public Sector Collections Manager, Team Leaders and Data Department.

Desired Experience & Qualification


Package & Remuneration


Based on Experience